Reasons To Choose Us

Duy Tan School is the only school in Phu Yen province with 3 levels of study and apply International Education Model. The school possesses many modern facilities and experienced teachers.


The goal of training Duy Tan's students to become "Global Citizens, Vietnamese Identity"


Our academic team has many years of experience teaching in the international environment, enthusiastic with the profession.


Constantly improving and providing modern facilities, meeting the needs of parents and students.


100% Students

Passing high school exams and universities and colleges

650+ Students

Win a lot of high prizes in competitions

1 Medal

Won 1 Labor Medal Grade 3 of the President

10+ Prices

5 Emulation Flags and 8 Certificates of Merit

Learning Program


"I am very proud of the students here, especially the International Education Division, students always achieve academic results above my expectations. Not only good, they are very intelligent and absorb quickly, I am very happy to have the opportunity to share knowledge with them. "

Michael Ngo - Head of International Education Division

"I have many memories of Duy Tan's students (Phu Yen), but the most memorable is their efforts and maturity. Even if they simply complete daily tasks, or express new amazing ideas, their creative ability always impress me. "

Hutchins Sarah Rose - Foreign teacher

"Currently I study abroad in Russia and today I am at Duy Tan school to revisit the teachers who have helped me a lot in studying. The Duy Tan School in my heart is one the youthful part of the blood, now and forever afterwards I always think that the choice of Duy Tan is a great choice. "

Le Ky Rung - Old Student

"I am really happy and lucky because the high school years were studied under the roof of Duy Tan school. The devotion and the ability of the teachers helped me and my friends have the orientations for the future. I firmly believe that, with a breakthrough education model with experienced teachers, Duy Tan will reach out to become an international worthy school."

Nguyen Dong Duong - Student of 12S3 Class

"From the first moment I entered the school to enroll my child, I was very impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm of the staff at Duy Tan School."

Mrs. Pham Thi Nhu Y - Parents