For a long time, English has become an indispensable subject in the education system. In order to equip the younger generation with luggage integrating with the global, bringing the country further, in addition to the educational program of the Ministry of Education & Training, Duy Tan School also trains English IELTS.

The general education curriculum has English subjects, but most of them focus on grammar and absolutely no environment for students to practice communication skills. Therefore, since October 2017, Duy Tan School in collaboration with the British Council and HACIC Education System has implemented English language teaching and IELTS testing for students. This is a step in the National Foreign Language Project 2020, opening up students and schools in the Central region to have quality English training and testing programs, creating opportunities for learning and employment.

IELTS teachers are mostly native speakers, provided by HACIC Foreign Language Center system. Macmillan Publishers also cooperates to provide international materials and curriculum for teaching activities of the school. After 2-3 months of preparation, the school will coordinate with the British Council to organize the exams for students. For students who have not yet achieved the minimum score, the school will continue to organize review. In addition, the school will also open classes for students who need to improve their grades.

The goal is that at the end of the 11th year, our students will have a minimum IELTS score of 4.0 and have an opportunity to score 10 English subjects on the national high school graduation exam.

A IELTS period of student who study at Duy Tan SChool