Modern facilities and other conditions are fully guaranteed

+ Eating and drinking: To strictly control the origin of food and the following stages: Processing, preserving and transporting food in educational institutions; comply with the process of delivery, three-step verification, storing food samples in accordance with regulations.

+ Bedroom: Spacious, airy, with air conditioning system, separate male and female bedrooms.

+ Toilets: Always cool, fragrant, fully equipped with amenities such as hand sink, toilet paper, dryer, fan, mirror ...

+ The system of classrooms, functional rooms, playgrounds, libraries, laboratories, can-teen ... are spaciously invested. The maximum number of students in each class is 25 students, under the direct management of the homeroom teacher. Teaching assistant teachers and nannies (for young children) ensure that students are always cared for and taken care of.

+ Teachers are always on duty, remind, take care of their sleep, ensure their time.

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Address: Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Ward 9, Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen

Telephone: 0️⃣2️⃣5️⃣7️⃣- 3️⃣-8️⃣4️⃣8️⃣-3️⃣6️⃣9️⃣