News & Activities

On the morning of March 27, 2019, Duy Tan School cooperated with the City's Military Committee to provide money to support 5 poor households in difficult circumstances in ward 4, Tuy Hoa city. This is a noble gesture to contribute to the local governmental committees to help poor households reduce difficulties in their lives, and have more energy to overcome the situation.
Aiming to help students understand more about environmental protection - one of the most pressing issues today, it threatens biodiversity, climate change and many other consequences that people must bear. Educating students with a sense of environmental protection is an environmental protection solution for the future.
Implementing the Youth Union and Youth Movement (2018-2019) as well as celebrating 88 years of establishment of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the International Education Division - Duy Tan School organize RING THE GOLDEN BELL CONTEST, which is one of the intellectual playgrounds for students.
Although Duy Tan School participated in this sport with a relatively small number of athletes (3 athletes), it was excellent to bring 4 golden medals, 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal . In which, Do Minh Nhien (grade 8A) and Ngo Thai Ngoc Han (IELTS 11th grade) are two of very few students who scored twice with two gold medals.
On March 9 and 10, Duy Tan School cooperates with British Council and HACIC Education System to hold IELTS exam.
With the efforts and striving hard, Duy Tan School has recently been honored to receive the government's emulation flag- excellent unit on successfully completing the tasks of the 2017-2018 school year.
Executive Committee base of Police Department Tuy Hoa City coordinated with Duy Tan High School's Youth Union to organize extracurricular activities on propaganda on traffic safety, drug prevention and school violence 2019
Exciting picnic of junior high school students, students can visit to learn about the history of non-numbered ship ruins.
On February 27, 2019, the International Education Division of Duy Tan School held an extra-curricular activity to manage spending at Co.opmart supermarket. Here, the children are free to shop with the amount of 40,000 VND.
In the morning of February 26, the primary students of International Education Division organized extracurricular activities
Forum theatre of the Youth Union at Duy Tan School is one of the useful activities, held regularly with very hot topics taking place in the school, in society.
On the morning of February 22, 2019, the high school student of Internation Education Division have practical trip at Song Hinh Hydropower Plant and H'Ly Waterfall in Song Hinh District.
The dramatic matches in the football exchange of the men's and women's teams from Duy Tan High School and Nguyen Van Linh High School took place at the Youth Activities Center in Phu Yen province.