Student life

The highlight of Duy Tan School is that the comprehensive development model and boarding school model bring many advantages in education and student management. In addition, Duy Tan School has an environment for students to express and develop their personalities and talents, where students' creativity and thinking are always cherished and wings.


To ensure students have effective learning time, Duy Tan School has a clear division in the schedule corresponding to each grade. Accordingly, students will be closely managed at the school. They are offered 2 classes a week and pledged not to take extra classes outside. The schedule is arranged scientifically, balanced between different subjects. The theory and practice classes are interwoven with the appropriate amount of learning time.

Each class will have  teachers, take care of your life and help them build a disciplined and independent life.


Extracurricular activities occur continuously throughout the school year, creating a vibrant environment, engaging students to study and have fun. Activities are organized in various forms such as: The program on resources (participating in the Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day at the museum, ...); English extracurricular activities in Science, Society, etc. This is an opportunity for them to consolidate their knowledge and develop necessary life skills, giving them courage and confidence.


The physical education program is considered as one of the school's strategic education focuses. With modern facilities, the school organizes a variety of sports activities: football, basketball, aerobic, ... creating a useful playground for students. We believe that comprehensive education includes physical activities helping children with big stature, enduring health, helping them to confidently study.


The school-age nutritional needs are very important to ensure the comprehensive development of children. Therefore, balancing nutrition, ensuring a meal full of nutrients is both OBJECTIVES and RESPONSIBILITIES of Duy Tan for each student.

Recently, the school has continuously promoted the dissemination and education of housing hygiene, environmental sanitation, eating and drinking hygiene to help the school maintain a healthy number of semi-boarding and boarding students life skills, knowledge to build cultural life in residential areas for children.